Published Work
Training Officer's Desk Reference - Jones and Bartlett

Transitional Fire Attack: Does It Exist?

Always be Prepared for the Unexpected - Fire Engineering

Quick Drill: Standpipe Training - Fire Engineering

2012 National Near Miss Firefighter Calendar: Focus on Fireground
Communication, Pg 36-37

Lessons Learned from Hydrogen Sulfide Incident - Fire Engineering

Mentoring: Perspectives of Rookie and Veteran - Fire Engineering

"Hiring Experienced Firefighter: Creating a Fast Track Program" - Fire

What Do They Need To Know? - ISFSI

Keeping Alive The Drive - ISFSI

"Talkin' 'bout my Generation"- Fire Rescue 1

"Leadership from the little guy"- Fire Engineering

"LODD: What can you do to prevent them?"- Fire Engineering

"Georgia Has The Courage To Be Safe!"- Everyone Goes Home

Fire Engineering Censorship Roundtable (middle of page)

"Construction Hazards: Breaching HI-Impact XP Wallboard with
Fiberglass Mesh"- Fire Engineering

"Saving Firefighters Lives One Initiative at a Time: A Gloves Off
Approach"- Fire Engineering

"A Matter of the Heart: Living a More Healthful Life"- Fire Engineering

"Developing Crew Resource Management Training for your
Department"- Fire Rescue 1

Fire Engineering Recruiting New Hires Roundtable (middle of page)

"A new way of running incident operations"- Fire Rescue 1

"How to buy firefighter accountability systems"- Fire Rescue 1

"How to buy simulation products"- Fire Rescue 1

"How to buy fire records management products"- Fire Rescue 1

2011 National Firefighter Near Miss Calendar: October -SCBAs, Pg 28

Fire Engineering Officer Development Training Roundtable (bottom of

Taking Care of Our Own - ISFSI

Putting Your Hands On It - ISFSI

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